OSS Field Photo Branch

Commander John Ford

Commander E.R. (“Ray”) Kellogg

Major English

Lt. Commander Jack (“Stinky”) Munroe

Lt. Budd Schulberg

OSS officer in charge of compilation & editingĀ The Nazi Plan, also writer of English inter-titles.

Robert Parrish

Film Editor

Joseph Zigman

Film Editor

Patty O’ Hiers

Film Editor

Robert A. Webb

Film Editor

Daniel Fuchs


Stuart Schulberg


Dr. Karl Jacoby

German Translator

Magda Pollaczek (aka Policek)

Austrian Multilingual

Susan Shestopel

Russian Translator


German Editing Staff

Conrad von Molo

UFA film editor

Walter Rode

UFA film editor

Lieselotte "Lilo" Balte Ashkins

Assistant Film Editor


German Informants

Leni Riefenstahl

German film director

Heinrich Hoffmann

Hitler’s still photographer


Conrad von Molo

The son of Austrian author and writer Walter von Molo, Conrad Karl Ludwig von Molo was born in Vienna on December 21, 1906. The family moved to Berlin in 1914 and became German citizens.

Conrad von Molo worked as journalist, cutter, assistant director, and film synchroniser. He spent time abroad, eg, two years at Oxford University and Hounslow Studios in London.

During the war he worked as a film cutter at the UFA Studio in Berlin. In the late summer of 1945, he was attached to the OSS Field Photo Branch/War Crimes, to assist Ray Kellogg and Budd Schulberg on the editing of The Nazi Plan