Restoration Credits

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Sandra Schulberg


Josh Waletzky

Co-Creator/Sound Design

Liev Schreiber


Leon Constantiner

Executive Producer

Elisabeth Hartjens

Duplication of Trial Recordings
& Senior Archival Researcher

John Califra

Score Reconstruction

Marco Swados

Music Consultant

Jonathan Brielle

Music Consultant

John Bowen

Sound Editor

Ken Hahn

Re-Recording Mixer

Jenny Levison

Casting Consultant

Alex Niemczewski

Production Assistant


Jenny Levison

Casting Consultant

Jenny Levison was instrumental in the selection of Liev Schreiber, the actor who was engaged to record the narration for the 2009 restoration of Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today.

She also created a transcript of the unrestored version, comparing it to the final 1948 recording script. The resulting template was used by Sandra Schulberg and Josh Waletzky, to identify those sections where live sound and subtitles would be used instead of the original narration.

Jenny Levison is a screenwriter, playwright, social justice activist, and film producer whose work has played in theaters across the United States. Plays include Shtil, Mayn Corazon -- A Yiddish Tango Cabaret, The Scams of Scapin, and Dia de los Muertos. Screenplays include You're So Vein, Copy Shop, and Sorry! ¬†She was the co-writer and producer of the satiric media campaign Billionaires for Bush (Or Gore) during the 2000 presidential elections. 

Jenny's independent production company, Do Tell Productions, creates high-quality film and theater works of social and cultural significance.

She is the producer, writer, and co-director of Parting the Waters, a feature-length documentary film about the racial inequalities in the world of swimming, which she is making with her partner Josh Waletzky.

For more information about Do Tell Productions and Parting the Waters visit www.DoTellProductions.com.

Jenny Levison

Jenny Levison