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Please purchase the 2-disc edition of Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today — named Best of Show by the National Media Market — from New Day Films by clicking HERE.

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Nuremberg: Its Lesson For Today [The Schulberg/Waletzky Restoration] — the two-disc box set including DVD & Blu-ray — may be ordered now from New Day Films by cicking HERE.

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Nuremberg: Its Lesson for Today [The Schulberg/Waletzky Restoration] has been acclaimed around the world. The digital edition — on DVD & Blu-ray — comes with nearly 13 hours of bonus material. The two-disc box set includes:

  • Nuremberg: Its Lesson For Today [The Schulberg/Waletzky Restoration]
    with narration & subtitles in both English & Spanish (DVD & in HD on Blu-ray);
  • 8 Bonus Films (Blu-ray only) including 3 films shown in the Nuremberg courtroom, the Russian film about the trial, and a rare newsreel, Welt im Film No.5 - KZ, one of the first to show German audiences the concentration camps which we have subtitled in English for the first time;
  • 8 Eyewitness Accounts (8 on Blu-ray and 4 on DVD) including Budd Schulberg's dramatic account of hunting for Nazi films as a member of John Ford's OSS unit, Nuremberg trial prosecutors Whitney Harris & Benjamin Ferencz, denazification officer & historian Robert Wolfe and others;
  • 5 Interviews with Legal Scholars & Prosecutors (5 on Blu-ray and 2 on DVD) about the legacy of the Nuremberg trial including war crimes investigators Cherif Bassiouni, David Scheffer, Michael Scharf, Gregory S. Gordon, and human rights activist Julio Solórzano Foppa on the importance of the film for Latin America and Spain;
  • Interview with Sandra Schulberg (Blu-ray & DVD) about the suppression of the film and its restoration and release 60 years later;
  • 130-page Viewers/Teachers Guide including Filmmakers for the Prosecution, an essay about the making of Nuremberg, special features commentary, bibliography, and an Afterword by Nuremberg prosecutor Benjamin Ferencz;
  • International Criminal Justice Timeline, milestones in the history of international criminal justice beginning in 1474, created for the film by Prof. Gregory S. Gordon.